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is an Internet consultation for girls and women who are affected by violence. The main medium is a chat, which is open 24 hours. Girls and women can find here immediate and low-threshold support, counseling and exchange. Anonymous and free of charge.

Girls and women make most of violence experiences in their domestic life. Every fourth woman between 16 and 85 years of age, experiences physical or sexual assaults by relatives in their domestic area. Domestic violence is not a problem of social fringe groups. It continues to be unnoticed in the middle of our society.

Read more in our Annual Report 2018.

Gewaltlos.de is a project of the social service of catholic women.

With around 10.000 members and 9.000 volunteers as well as 6.500 professional employees, the social service of catholic women supports women, children, young people and families who are dependent on counseling or assistance in their current life situations. The social service of catholic women has nationwide 149 local associations.

His offer includes for example 120 Pregnancy counseling centers, 25 intervention and counseling centers for domestic or sexual violence, 91 Care associations,
37 women refuges, 36 children’s day-care facilities, 34 mother and child facilities and 31 services for child-day-care.

The social service of catholic women is a member of the German Caritas association.

Board of the working group

The working group of gewaltlos.de includes 43 associations of social service of catholic women from all over Germany.

They meet regularly to discuss the further development of gewaltlos.de.

An elected board is charged with donation and public relations work.

It belongs to:

  • Maria Elisabeth Thoma, Chairwoman of the working group from gewaltlos.de
  • Marie-Therese Wirtz-Doerr,Managing Director of social service of catholic women in Ratingen
  • Elisabeth Ochsenfeld
  • Dorothee Duderstadt
  • Claudia Mandrysch, Managing Director of social service of catholic women Essen-Mitte

Management (CEO)

  • Theresa Schwarz

Fundraising and public relations:

  • Beate Pinkert, Pink Social Cologne

Regulations of the working group, gewaltlos Resolution 1-12-11

Short information gewaltlos, February 2016

Concept gewaltlos, June 2015

Consultans of Gewaltlos.de


Year of birth: 1975

Occupatian: Social worker (Diploma)

Since when I have been working here: from the beginning, since 2005

Why I work here: Because this medium offers the possibility to claim help in a fast and uncomplicated way.

During my work as a social worker, I met many girls and women who have experienced and overcome many of the worst situations. Nevertheless, they have not lost their vitality and hope. Because of them, but also because of my own life philosophy, I know that it is worth, fighting for the own future. No matter how hard it is sometimes.

Particularly in difficult phases of life, it can be helpful to talk to someone, to search for solutions with someone if you do not know to continue. At gewaltlos.de I want to listen to all girls and women who are in a difficult life situation. I want to give courage and to look for a possible way.


Year of birth: 1969

Occupation: Social worker (Diploma)

Since when I have been working here: since the first online minute

Why I work here: It is still an uncomfortable topic and it always will be… it is so important to listen to the girls and women, to give hope and to support and try to help them.


Geburtsjahr: 1988

Occupation: Social worker (Bachelor)

Since when I have been working here: since February 2019

Why I work here: To give women concerned an anonymous and prompt platform, where they can talk about their problems. With my specialist Know-how ich would like to help women and girls, to get back their courage an their hope at themselves and at their lifes. My own life´s journey teached me, not to give up also in difficult times and especially to believe always at myself. It is important for me to convey this attitude to the girls and women and to empower them.

Sponsoring association

The involved SkF associations

(SkF – social service of catholic women)