Help with any kind of violence for girls and women. 24 h anonymous and free of charge!

Stalking, beating, humiliation. Direct help through our chat.
The access to the chat room is anonymous and can be done as a guest or by a nickname with a password. The chat room of is open all times. So there is always the opportunity to meet with other visitors.

A counseling chat on the subject domestic violence and stalking takes place at fixed times at four days a week (you can find the times in the chat news). During this time, advisors are available for questions and consultations. Individual appointments can also be arranged.The work is supported by volunteers, who moderate the conversations in the lobby.

The consultions are held confidentially and in an undisturbed and protected environment. The visitors can enter these consultancy rooms, after an invitation of the consultants.

Inside the chat there are several other rooms that can be used by the visitors. The lobby is usally the starting point for everyone who logs into This room is accessible and open to all. Also accessible to everyone are chatting room and teatime room. Visitors can be there alone if they want to or use them as evasive rooms when there are topics in the lobby, that triggers.

Your first visit in our chat!
…you have the opportunity to watch everything in peace. Nobody will force you to do anything, or expect you to tell everything about yourself. You can remain anonymous and you decide when and how much you want to say. Normaly we tell a little about ourselves, our side, about our offer and usually, a conversation starts, also with the other visitors.

Our offer to you: we like to listen to you, your worries and fears can find a place in a protected environment, we can search for advice centers or other assistance in your area and try to find solutions with you together.

Basically, a pleasant and respectful atmosphere in the chat is important to us and we welcome every new visitor who finds the way to us. 🙂

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